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If you are seeking the Excellence in Math, Physics, and Chemistry; our service focuses on private lessons and Home Tutoring, it aims to develop Students Skills and Competencies in Math, Physics, and Chemistry.
• Student will also learn how to handle abstract concepts, how to argue logically, how to solve Math/Physics problems, how to overcome Learning Difficulties (Slight Difficulties), and how to express clearly in Math,Physics, and Chemistry.
• Our Courses and Home Tutoring Focus deeply on the following subjects:

1) Math
- Algebra I and II
- Geometry
- Pre-Calculus
- Calculus I and II
- Integral
- Functions
- Probability
- Statistics

2) Physics
- Introductory Principles: Accuracy, Precision, Variables, Scalars,Vectors, SI Units, and Significant Figure.
- Electricity and Magnetism, Energy and Work
- Forces: Understanding Force, Velocity, Acceleration, Net Force, and Specific Forces.
- Motion and Mechanics
- Thermodynamics: Understanding Enthalpy, Entropy, Heat, and Laws of Thermodynamics.
- Waves, Sound, and Light, Electromagnetic Waves, Doppler Effect and Waves
- Statistical Mechanics
- Optical physics
- Quantum optics
- Electronic,
- Astrophysics
- Astrophysics and Cosmology.
- Statistical Mechanics
- Condensed Matter Physics.
- Computational Physics.

3) Chemistry
- The periodic Table: Periodic Theories, identifying periodic Trends and types of Elements.
- Element and Atoms: Isotopes, ions, Orbital Diagrams, Quantum Numbers, and Subatomic particles.
- Measurements: Precision, accuracy, Calculating error, Units, Scientific Notation, and Significant figures.
- Phases of matter: Gases, properties of gases, Avogadro’s Law, Boyle’s Law, Charles’s Law.
- Phase Diagrams and Transitions, Solids and liquids, Solutions and mixture.
- Stoichiometry.
- Acid-base Chemistry.
- Titrations.
- Chemical Reactions.
- Electrochemistry.
- Nuclear Chemistry.
- Thermochemistry and Energetics.

• Courses for the American Curriculum, UIR, UIC, English institutes (Cambridge Curriculum), and Universities of the Sciences.
• Applying the most fruitful Teaching Methodologies and Learning Approaches that fit every single Student.
• Continuous Tracking of the Learning process for each learner
• If you need more details about our courses, please feel free to call us.

Quartiers:Hay Riyad, Hay Ennahda, Agdal, and Hassan-Rabat-Morocco

Phone: 06-62-66-27-62


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